Gary Anderson has today made the decision to pull out of the Autumn Series in Niedernhausen and World Series of Darts Final in Salzburg.

Whilst the PDC have tightened measures to protect the health and safety of the players Gary is understandably hesitant.

“We’ve been discussing the Autumn series for a few weeks now and I’d be delighted to play in it if it was in the UK. BUT, every time I turn on the news I see another country removed from the travel corridor and infections rising around Europe and the rest of the World. I’m just not comfortable with the travel involved right now. I need to fly and although I’m confident in my mask wearing and adhering to all the things I should do, I have little faith in other people- I’ve watched people outside from the safety of the Milton Keynes bubble and there seems little regard for safety and distancing, so imagine that multiplied on a plane! I don’t want to risk my health or the health of the family.

I’m disappointed for my sponsors and fans that I won’t be there, but I’ve always said health and family are my priority.

The PDC have made Niedernhausen a bubble and players will be tested, and Salzburg is a bubble – but I still need to fly to get to these places and even driving would mean transiting through non travel corridor countries. And they are on a red list for a reason!

I’ve been playing well at the Premier League but I’m afraid that flying is a risk I’m not willing to take.

I’ve now got the World Grand Prix in Coventry to look forward to next