We sat down with Reg Rix from Rix Motors to chat about his affiliation with Dunvegan Enterprises and their sponsorship of two-time World Champion Gary Anderson over the years, recalling some of his greatest moments working alongside and supporting ‘The Flying Scotsman’.

Rix fondly remembers his first experience of Anderson reaching a World Final in 2011 as his company first got on board in the world of darts: “Having Gary on board has been great, I remember his first World Championship final in 2011 and since then the company has grown and grown.

“I used to like Jocky Wilson, but when I first saw Gary play all those years ago, I thought what a fantastic action, his scoring is just unbelievable at times.”

I’ve always loved watching him play, it’s as simple as that, he’s an absolute genius on that dartboard. If it wasn’t for Gary I don’t think we would be involved in darts to be honest

As well as being a true great in the world of darts, Rix believes the personality and attitude of the former Champion is key to both his game on stage and the reason for him being just a great character to have affiliated with Rix Motors.

“Not just in terms of his darts but his personality and the way he goes about things is very important to us, he keeps himself to himself and just gets on with the job at hand. I think in many ways the way we approach our work is very similar, we can have good days and bad days but in the grand scheme of things it’s all okay, it’s the same with Gary, and his relaxed attitude is great to see.”

Reg’s dedication to Anderson and darts cannot be questioned, travelling 1000’s miles just to watch his hero and believes there is still plenty more to come from the PDC great.

“Gary is just a prolific winner, two world championships and three world finals in the last ten years, in an era where there are so many incredible dart players that is a serious achievement.

With the players now and the landscape of the PDC it’s a case of anybody in the field could win a tournament, it’s just so competitive. Even though he’s already got two world titles under the belt, I believe there are still a couple more in the tank, it’s just a matter of time.

I’ve followed Gary around the world, travelled thousands of miles just to watch him play. Sometimes if he misses a double top or a double ten I can’t sleep, just little things can be game-changers! It’s such a feel good factor when he wins, and to have the opportunity to take some of our employees to watch the darts whether it’s the World Championships or the Premier League, it’s great to be able to do that and know that’s our man and there is the Rix Motors logo on his shirt.”

You can find out more about Rix Motors by visiting their website, RixMotors.co.uk.

By Josh Green