Four more Players Championships to round up here, as spots for the Finals in Minehead look to be sealed and momentum built for the end of the year.

Gary Anderson
Players Championship 25

Gary started his PC Campaign for the upcoming days against fellow Scot and 2021 World Cup Winner John Henderson. The highlight of an overall quality performance, in which he averaged in excess of 102, was a 12 dart hold in the third to back up as 13 dart break in the second. A break in the 5th by the Highlander was his only move on the scoreboard as Gary secured a heavy win to start the day.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-1 John Henderson

The L64 offered up Mario Vandenbogaerde. Gary raced into a 5-0 lead, the highlight of which was a 10 Darter in the second, nailing Double 18 after a 180-140-145 set up. Mario recovered a hold and a 12 dart break, but Gary broke again in 18 to wrap up proceedings.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-2 Mario Vandenbogaerde

Up next was the Dutch Dragon, Jules van Dongen. After a hold a piece, Gary had a nightmare spell on Tops, allowing JvD to break and hold to lead 1-3. Gary to had to find the break, and did it in 13 darts in the 8th leg. It was holds the rest of the way, which is good as Gary had the darts meaning he won the battle with the Dragon.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-5 Jules van Dongen

The Quarter Final against Dave Chisnall was live on PDC TV, and luckily it was otherwise I may not have believed the scores on DartConnect. Gary averaged 75 for the opening two legs, before remembering he was Gary Anderson and averaging 125 over the next two legs, before setlling out over the rest of the match. However, this was the relentless, 180 hitting like there’s no tomorrow Dave Chisnall. Gary starting poorly meant, even when he was playing well, Chizzy was on the warpath and ended Gary’s day just before the Quarter Finals with a scoreline that doesn’t reflect the match.
Result: Gary Anderson 1-6 Dave Chisnall

Players Championship 26
It was a whitewash to start the day for Gary against former German No.1, Max Hopp. Another lovely ton topping average for The Flying Scotsman to start the day on an even more perfect foot. Two 13 Darters and the final leg being won in 11 ensured a sweet start to Friday for the man from Musselburgh.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-0 Max Hopp

Up next was arguably the form player of the floor tournaments in 2022, Luke Humphries. After a hold to open, Gary lost three legs on the spin, meaning he had to find a bit of magic beyond his usual to win. Leg 7 and 8 however, were completed in 12 and 11 respectively, before a 14 in the next leg. A Humphries hold meant a decider, and in 13 Gary took it to reach the Last 32.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-5 Luke Humphries

Up next was a rematch against from the prior day against Jules van Dongen, but this one was much less dramatic than its predecessor. A first leg break from Gary set the tone, and a hold from the Dutch Dragon aside, it was Gary’s game, even winning the last 3 legs in 13, 12, and 12 in a less contested match than a few minutes earlier.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-1 Jules van Dongen

Up next was Damian Mol. Two holds of throw each got us to 2-2, but Damian reeled off four of the next five legs, Gary only managing a hold in 17 as Damian found the help of momentum to get over the line to victory.
Result: Gary Anderson 3-6 Damian Mol

Players Championship 27
Few L128 ties come as difficult as World Grand Prix Finalist Nathan Aspinall, but that’s what Gary had to face to start his Saturday. Nathan broke in Leg 1 and held to open up a two leg gap, but Gary wasn’t having any of it, doing the same to level. They held before exchanging breaks in Eight and Nine respectively, before Gary another break in leg ten to secure a tricky win.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-4 Nathan Aspinall

Next up was Berry van Peer, an opponent many will remember for his tie against Gary during the 2017 Grand Slam, when van Peer was suffering badly from Dartitis, and the emotional scenes that followed afterwards between him and Gary. Four of the first five legs were breaks, and after those five legs Gary was 4-1 up. Gary held twice and Berry once to seal another win for the Flying Scotsman.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-2 Berry van Peer

Up next was fellow veteran James Wade. The old phrase go with the throw was the key theme here, after a break a piece to start the match, with James’ coming in 12. We reached the decider, and Gary was facing needing another break, which he found in 13, complimenting a 12 dart hold along the way in getting the win.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-5 James Wade

Gary matched his best run of the set of PC’s as he reached the Last 16 for a tie against Chris Dobey. Two twelve dart breaks with a hold in the middle got Gary a 3-0 lead. Dobey got a break back, Gary broke again, and the following legs went with throw to ensure a Quarter Final spot at PC27.
Result: Gary Anderson 6-2 Chris Dobey

For a place in the Semis, the man in the way was Ryan Meikle. Meikle held to start, we saw four breaks in a row, and Gary held to give a level game at 3-3. Gary broke in eleven for 4-3, before Meikle broke straight back after Gary missed 3 darts at Double 16. Gary had to hold to force the decider, but Meikle dispatched 85 to end Gary’s run at PC27.
Result: Gary Anderson 4-6 Ryan Meikle

Players Championship 28
Up first was the man from Kent – Ross ‘Smudger’ Smith. It was ANOTHER ton plus average from Gary (Gobbled them up like popcorn flavoured jelly beans this week), and we were level at 3-3 after six, with both men having a break and two holds to their respective names. After another hold each and another break, it went to a last leg decider, and Smudger edged the Flying Scotsman out.
Result: Gary Anderson 5-6 Ross Smith

Some things are a formality when the temperatures drop. I near bankrupt myself buying hot chocolate at nearly every available opportunity, and Gary finds his trademark form. So many ton plus averages, a flow that’s glorious to see once more, the Noir Phase 3s leaving the hand like winged messengers heading forth towards the holy zone of red…I’m getting carried away here and I’ve got three more players to write about…Anyways…

Cameron Menzies
Players Championship 25:

Up first at this set of PCs for the Marvellous Menzies was Irishman Mickey Mansell. The pair broke each other to start proceedings, with Mansell’s break coming in 12. A solitary hold was the only other leg Cammy would put on the board in this one, as Mansell averaged in excess of a ton to take the match.
Result: Cameron Menzies 2-6 Mickey Mansell

Players Championship 26
Up first at PC26 was Masters Champion and Premier League Runner Up Joe Cullen. It was a whirlwind, with holds each followed by breaks each getting us to 2-2. A couple more break and holds for each gentleman got us to 4-4 before a hold from Cammy made it 5-4, before a 15 dart break sealed a first win of the run of PCs.
Result: Cameron Menzies 6-4 Joe Cullen

Up next for Cammy was ‘Relentless’ Ryan Joyce. Joyce broke Cammy in the first leg, and held it over him as throw was repeatedly held until Leg 6, when Cameron snatched the break back. It continued with throw, and as he Scotsman started with the darts, he ended with them too, holding out for the victory.
Result: Cameron Menzies 6-5 Ryan Joyce

Up next was The Gambler Danny Baggish. It was another victory for Cammy, as he held in each leg that he had the darts, and broke Baggish a couple of times. He took the last two legs in a combined 25 darts (13 and 12) respectively in a really good showing.
Result: Cameron Menzies 6-3 Danny Baggish

Up next was the challenge of World Number 2, Gerwyn Price. Price broke in the first and the fifth, and despite the most valiant effort Cammy could muster, the former World Champion wasn’t going to be caught and got the win.
Result: Cameron Menzies 2-6 Gerwyn Price

Players Championship 27
To start Saturday, it was a tie against former Matchplay and Premier League Champion James Wade. Wade went 0-3 up with a break in the second, with six consecutive holds following, with Cammy unable to make inroads on The Machine’s throw despite recovering on his own.
Result: Cameron Menzies 3-6 James Wade

Players Championship 28
Sunday started for Cammy with a match against Matthew Edgar, one of the non Tour Card Holders participating in these PCs. Edgar took the first two legs, but that clearly lit the spark as Cammy found his gears and reeled off 6 on the spin to flex his quality and get the win.
Result: Cameron Menzies 6-2 Matt Edgar

Up next was 2021 World Youth Champion Ted Evetts. After an exchange of breaks, holds followed until Ted broke in the sixth, before he held and broke again to end Cammy’s PCs this week with a L64 defeat.
Result: Cameron Menzies 2-6 Ted Evetts

A good set of Players Championships for Cammy. PC26 was the site of his best run of the week, but some good averages and very good performances mean the dream of reaching the Players Championship Finals is still well and truly alive for the Muirkirk Maestro.

Adam Hunt
Players Championship 25

Up first for Adam was Geernt Nentjes. Nentjes broke in the third and seventh, meaning Adam only managed two holds over the course of the eight legs played, with Geert breaking those two times and holding on all of his legs to secure the win.
Result: Adam Hunt 2-6 Geert Nentjes

Players Championship 26
To start PC26 Adam faced one of 2022’s breakthrough stars in Martin Lukeman. Smash held and broke before Adam broke back in 12. The holds continued until Adam broke to throw for the match at 5-4, but Smash broke back and held for late heartbreak for Adam in the tie.
Result: Adam Hunt 5-6 Martin Lukeman

Players Championship 27
Starting Saturday was a match against Darren Webster. It was 2-2 after four, with both men having a break and a hold to their names. Webster reeled off three in a row to put him on the verge of victory, and despite Adam finding another hold, it wasn’t enough to hold Webster off.
Result: Adam Hunt 3-6 Darren Webster

Players Championship 28
To start the final day of action, Adam was drawn against German Florian Hempel. Adam held his first leg on throw…And that was it in terms of legs won. The German, who defeated Dimitri van den Bergh at the 2022 World Championships, won five on the spin from 1-1 to take the match.
Result: Adam Hunt 1-6 Florian Hempel

A disappointing week all in all – some decent performances from The Hunter, but coming away with no wins means a Players Championship Finals spot will require a very deep run at the next set of PCs, but he’s more than capable of that, so fingers crossed he can find that form.

Jamie Clark
Players Championship 25

Jamie started the week against Gian van Veen, one of the non Tour Card holders participating in the PCs this week. It got to 2-3 on hold, before van Veen broke and held to go within one. Despite getting a break back, and getting to a point of throwing to level, but van Veen broke in 13 to seal the win.
Result: Jamie Clark 4-6 Gian van Veen

Players Championship 26
Starting PC26 was a tie against the Belgian, Brian Raman. A first leg break started Jamie off on the right foot, which he followed with a hold, before Raman returned with the same to level at 2-2. We were treated to a hold each, and a break each, we ended up in a similar situation to the day before against van Veen, as Jamie had the throw to take it to a last leg decider, but he was broken for another defeat by the same scoreline.
Result: Jamie Clark 4-6 Brian Raman

Players Championship 27
You know those days where you’re just unlucky? Jamie comes in in a confident mood, and averages 98. Enough to win a high percentage of matches, but his opponent, Martin Schindler, limited the King of Kennoway to a single leg on the board as he averaged in excess of 104. Jamie held in the fourth, and had the odd dart at double but simply couldn’t have done anything more.
Result: Jamie Clark 1-6 Martin Schindler

Players Championship 28
And, sadly, up against 10x TV Title Winner James Wade, it was a repeat of the same scoreline.Jamie held in the second, but in a match where neither player can say they hit their best, it was a tame way to end the week, particularly given the performance against Martin the day prior.
Result: Jamie Clark 1-6 James Wade

An OK few days from Jamie. PC27 was his best performance, but he couldn’t construct a run as he has done on numerous occasions this season. As with Adam, he’s more than capable of reaching the PC Finals, but it’s on his shoulders to put that run together.

The next and final Players Championship Events of 2022 are on the 4th and 5th of November, with the Qualifiers for the remaining Cazoo Grand Slam of Darts Spots on the 6th. DartConnect and PDC TV are the places to follow all the action, as well as the Dunvegan Social Channels.

Ryan Segal @theryansegal