Gary Anderson’s spot in the 2020 Unibet Premier League play-offs was mathematically confirmed despite a deciding leg loss to Michael van Gerwen in the Marshall Arena.

The world number one had struggling in recent weeks, only a win keeping him in strong position to make the play-offs. But after an upturn in results proved a serious threat to the Anderson camp.

In the early staged it looked to be an uphill battle for Anderson as van Gerwen stormed into a lead. But ‘The Flying Scotsman’ fought back, a succession of strong legs put him in poll position as van Gerwen’s hopes of reaching the 02 teetered on the brink.

Anderson would go within one leg of a point despite being five points down in the averages, but there would still be time for the match to turn on it’s head. A strong hold of throw followed by a break would give him the impetus going into the decider.

A missed dart at tops would go a begging for ‘Ando’ as Michael van Gerwen returned to winning ways and heaped the pressure on Nathan Aspinall for the final night of the league phase.

BY Josh Green