Usually I’d write something deep and meaningful here about atmosphere and tension…But as I was getting ready to welcome Cammy to the Walk on Runway, I was tripped over and ended up getting an obscured view of his journey to the stage, not helped by the masses of MvG fans who’d emerged to watch their Idol walk to the stage and try to get a high five or autograph on the way. Anyways, let’s ignore my miserable existence and talk about Cammy, shall we?

To put it lightly – he started brilliantly. Visits of 100, 125 and 140 got him down to 136 after nine, with the Muirkirk Maestro taking 76 out on Tops to take the opening leg. 1-0.

We were close to something incredibly special in the Second – and it came courtesy of Cammy. With 167 left, he found the T20, he found the T19, and shaved the wire that encases the Bull. Double trouble ensued from there, as MvG missed three darts at D2, before Cammy missed two from the 25. Two more darts left MvG’s hand in the leg, the second finding the elusive D2 to level. 1-1.

MvG banished any lingering worries from the last Leg come the following, treating the crowd to his opening 180 of the match, and finishing 81 on Tops with Cammy well back on 221. 1-2.

In my notes I gave this leg the subtitle of ‘Write off Leg’, and it’s hard to argue looking back. A starting score of 26, and a less than stellar leg from both gentlemen, and Cammy just not taking any of the chances afforded to him by MvG. The Green Machine did the job and took the leg. 1-3.

The Fifth saw Cammy finally take advantage of Van Gerwen playing some less than average stuff, including landing a superb 140 with the first two in the red bit. It was a steady and much needed leg for Cammy to regain his focus after a couple of iffy legs. 2-3.

This Leg contained probably my favourite moment of the match. A 140 brought Cammy back in to it, and a 93 left him 110. After MvG set up D8 off of 144, Cammy returned to take the 110 on Tops and walk around the stage with a difficult to describe but nonetheless amusing expression on his face. Level pegging. 3-3.

Cammy found his first Maximum of the tie in Leg Seven, and with MvG waiting on D4, he had to dispatch the 60 that he had left, and dispatch he did, killing it in two to take the lead. 4-3.

Cammy just couldn’t quite keep pace in the Eighth, as he was unable to reach a finish with MvG on 122. The Dutchman was able to set up Tops and take it without much fuss to level us again. 4-4.

The ninth saw MvG start with a 63, courtesy of hitting two T1’s before a successful switch to the T19 bed. After a 140 to leave 161, Cammy left himself 95, which he narrowly missed taking out as part of a 25-T20-D5 combination. Cammy ended up with a dart at D1, and pulled it just to the left into the unforgiving Tops bed. Both made scrambled eggs of Frosties in all honesty and MvG broke and won the leg to go within a hold of victory. 4-5.

MVG started the Tenth with a 145, opting for the Bull attempt after two perfect darts. Cammy landed his first two in the T1 and S1 bed respectively. With the crowd up and behind him, and a thumb of recognition shown to the crowd, he launched another dart into the S1 bed and…Well…Had 5 less points to clear than before he’d stepped up to the Oche. He kicked into life after the next visit of 97, mind, hitting a 180 and 140 to put the pressure on the 3x World Champion, but with last dart in hand, he nailed D8 to take the 51 and the match. 4-6.

RESULT: Cameron Menzies 4-6 Michael Van Gerwen

The Stats:

Average – 87.45

180s – 2

Highest Checkout – 110

Checkout Percentage – 33%

The Verdict:As spirited an effort ad you’ll see. Never one to wear his heart anywhere but his sleeve, it’s fair to say that Cammy was better than his average suggests. He did himself no disservice these Players Championship Finals and they’ll be a few more darts fans that know his name and are excited by it.

Ryan Segal @theryansegal