Cammy Rocks his way to Victory.

It’s been a good debut Year on the circuit for Cameron Menzies, good enough to secure a spot in Minehead for the Players Championship Finals. When he was drawn against Josh Rock, and the young Northern Irishman subsequently went on a run and slammed home a 9 Darter against MvG at the Grand Slam, the bookies knew their winner. But Minehead was yet to find out.

As Cammy took to the stage in his classic blue polo, there were no chants of ‘Scotland get battered’. Perhaps because Wales had just lost at the World Cup. Or maybe, just maybe, they knew Cammy had an ace or two up his Scottish Sleeves. Cammy had the throw in the opening leg, and started off with a 134, followed by a 140. Meanwhile, Josh started with a trebleless visit of 59. It was a good opening leg by the Muirkirk Maestro, playing with his trademark red stems and black flights. He had 58 left at the end of the leg, but put two darts just over the tops segment. Rock made life difficult for himself after a 180 off 184, and Cammy returned to eventually bury Double 5. A jokey facepalm and we carried on. 1-0.

Leg Two saw Cammy whallop home his first 180 of the tie, before leaving D11 off 124, with the dart at that target being closer to being a D8 than D11. Upon returning he split, and ended up nailing Double 4 for the break. 2-0.

The Third Leg saw another 180 from his fabled fingers after a 96 start. He hit 54 off of 70 but came inside on the D8 and outside on the D4. With Rock on 24, he had to take it on return, and did with first dart in hand. 3-0.

The Fourth saw another 180 from Cameron left 161, though he couldn’t take it and ended up on 102. He got a dart at double from that, pulling it inside on Double 18, having chosen to attack a new outer target. Rock converted 25 after narrowly missing the Bull for a 121 to get on the board. 3-1.

In the fifth Cammy offered up Back to Back 140s to start. Rock was increasing the pressure though, and come the business end Cammy only had one dart at double off of 68, which went narrowly wide, whilst Rock dispatched 70 on Tops with one in hand to get a break back. 3-2.

Come Leg Six and a slight moment of momentum madness occurred, as after two trebles, needing a S19 to leave 170, he looked for the 180 and left the bogey of 169. That gave Rock adequate time to set up the 121 and take Tops to level. 3-3.

The seventh signalled business as Cammy went into overdrive, reaching 121 after 9. The 121 finish on D14 followed, and a finger wag that any school teacher would be proud of. A 12 darter to boot. 4-3.

It turned out that Leg Eight was Great as Maximum CammyDrive continued. 100-140-180 to leave 81 after 9, a narrow miss at Tops from it, before he returned first dart in hand to nail it and release a Scottish Roar. 5-3.

In the ninth, the 180 fans were pleased again as Cammy rattled home another. He left 163, and was able to set up 32, and, first dart in hand, thumped it home for the win. 6-3.

RESULT : Cameron Menzies 6-3 Josh Rock

The stats:

Average – 98.84

180s – 5

Highest Checkout – 121

Checkout Percentage – 30%

The Verdict: When I said that I thought Cammy run with any player if he found his stride in my preview, I wasn’t kidding. And I was right. That was a world class performance from the Muirkirk Maestro, proving his class to a well filled Main Stage. Rock threatened the comeback, but Cammy was calm and cool when he needed to be to get a superb win. Plus I got a great Handshake from him before the walk on. It’s the little things, you know? Onto Tomorrow and a Second Round Tie.

Ryan Segal @theryansegal