Gary grafts to Gabriel victory
Flying Scotsman continues unbeaten record over Clemens

A crowd gathers around the barriers. As one might suspect, Board 2 is a much more intimate setting for an afternoon of darts than the Main Stage, and the barriers around the stage were packed tightly as the German Giant and The Flying Scotsman made their way onto the stage at the instruction of the MC of the stage, Russ Bray.

Your friendly neighbourhood Match Reporter received eye contact and a finger point as one of the people at said barrier, draped in the Tartan made famous by Gary himself. There was a bit of friendly banter between Gary and nearby crowd members as the atmosphere built. Clemens had the darts, and opened the affair with a score of 140. Gary responded with a ton, and the first leg was a good indicator of the overall tone of the match – unremarkable. Clemens took it on Tops as both eased their way into proceedings. 0-1.

The Second Leg saw Gary thrash home his first 180, before Clemens responded in kind. Gary wanted the last word, mind, and decided the best way to do it was another Maximum. However, with 41 left, Gary decided to go for D16, but hit a S14 as opposed to a S9, and ended up in the lower echelons of the Double segments. That said, he eventually snuck a dart in D2 and a collective sigh of relief was breathed amongst the large Gary contingent was let out in unison. 1-1.

Come Leg Three, Gary’s rhythm had found a perfect pace as he rammed home back to back 140s, leaving himself with 68 on the board. A Two Dart kill banished any Double demons that may have been rearing their heads on the Outer Rim after that previous leg, and he led for the first time in the game. 2-1.

Leg Four saw Clemens recover after a superb Gary leg, leaving 40 off of 130 with Gary well back on 186. A 140 brought him back into things, but it was too little, too late, in the leg and Clemens brought the tie level once more. 2-2.

Leg Five was another unremarkable leg from both, and it seemed for the longest time as if Clemens would hold, as Gary just couldn’t take advantage of every trebleless visit from the German. However, when Gary had three clear darts at D18, there was no way he’d miss, nailing it first dart in hand to break again. 3-2.

Scrappy doubling was an all too common feature of the tie, and it was present again here. Gary ended up on 5 despite starting the turn on Tops. It was not a leg which Gary will someday regail his Grandkids about, but managing to pluck a dart at D1 from the Heavens to get the leg and once again treat viewers to a collective sigh of relief from the tables. 4-2.

The less said about the Seventh, the better. Gabriel wasn’t doing anything particulatly awe-inspiring, mind, but Gary just had a tough old leg where the trebles just weren’t landing. Let’s move onto Leg Eight, shall we? 4-3.

It was becoming one of those matches were one massive visit per leg could be enough to put daylight between a player and his opponent. A 174 from Clemens did exactly that, as Gary came into the leg far too late, with Clemens on D18, and, as one of the best in the PDC on that double, it was no surprise that he hit it to level. 4-4.

Gary seemed to find a bit of life from that point, thundering home a 180, followed by a 137. After missing two darts at Tops with Clemens on D16, many were fearing the worst, but Clemens couldn’t convert, and Gary returned to dispatch that Tops to go within one. 5-4.

And we came into the Tenth, with a decider down one path and victory down the other. Gary’s purple patch continued at the right time, as he put some two treble visits together and Clemens himself plucked out a 180, and after both missed darts to win the leg, Gary came under on Tops, and he nailed D10 to bring a scrappy affair to an end. 6-4.

RESULT: Gary Anderson 6-4 Gabriel Clemens

The Stats:
Average – 86.13
180s – 3
High Checkout – 68
Checkout Percentage – 28.57%

The Verdict:
It’s nice to write about a Gary win at a Major…Although it’s not one future generations for watch back in awe. It was a battle, but it was a battle he made it through the victor. Tomorrow, he faces off against Rob Cross, who defeated Kevin Doets to reach this stage, averaging 96 in the opening match on the Main Stage – And they’ll be duelling it out on the Main Stage, meaning the game will be live on ITV4 and PDC Partners around the world.

Ryan Segal @theryansegal