Dunvegan had two players flying the flag and the Modus Super Series this week, in the forms of ‘The Gladiator’ Mark McGeeney, and Greg Ritchie, who’s lack of nickname prompted much discussion on Social Media and during his matches. Here’s how they got on over the course of the week:

Mark McGeeney

The opening match of the Gladiator’s conquest came in the form of Daniel Klose, who, as the week progressed, would become the stand out player in Group A. It was a defeat to start the Week unfortunately, with Mark averaging 85 and his opponent Four points higher in the process of Mark suffering a 1-4 defeat. Mark’s highest and only checkout in this one was from 40, which was at least something to take from the opener. Neither player hit a maximum in this one.
Result: Mark McGeeney 1-4 Daniel Klose

Next up was Peter Jacques, and Mark upped his finishing by over 20% to claim his first win of the Week. He averaged 85 once more, this time Three Points higher than his opponent, but he went from 1/7 on the outer ring to 4/11 this time round in order to ensure that the advantage in the averages wasn’t for nothing. Like the opener this game had no 180s hit, and Mark’s highest finish was also 40 as it was in the previous match.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-2 Peter Jacques

Mark’s third match heralded our first Dunvegan Derby of the Week, as Greg and Mark collided for the first time, and it was Ritchie who came out on top. Mark’s average dropped just below 80, whilst Greg’s remained just above it. Mark was 2/9 on the Doubles here, with Greg that bit more clinical to take the two competition points. Mark upped his highest Checkout of the Day, taking out 60 for one of his Legs. A third consecutive Mark Match without a Max, though that would change next time he took to the Portsmouth stage…
Result: Mark McGeeney 2-4 Greg Ritchie

Mark put in his best performance of the day by far in Game Four, and the unlucky recipient of it was Rob Collins. Averaging marginally shy of 94, cracking up a maiden Maximum, 4/11 on the Doubles and a new highest Checkout for the Day of 68. Not only that, but it was the first nilling he’d been involved in, and it was luckily one he dished out, rather than one which was dished to him. Superb all round from Mark and a sign of some of his best on the Opening Day.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-0 Rob Collins

The Final Match of Monday was one that ended with the bitter taste of defeat for Mark. After putting up his best average of the day, he followed it up with his worst, just shy of 76. He got a dignified result in defeat, picking up a couple of legs on offer, taking 2/7 on the Outer Ring, but a Maximum, a 93 Average and a Ton Plus Finish from his opponent were enough to end the day on a less than stellar note after an excellent display.
Result: Mark McGeeney 2-4 Ryan Murray

An Opening Day that finished with Mark 4th in the Group, with 4 Points from 5 Games, and a Leg Difference of -1. Promising Signs ahead of Tuesday, let’s see if he could bring more of Fourth Game Mark to Tuesday and less of Fifth Game Mark…

Mark started Tuesday against the same man who’d beaten him to end Monday, in the form of Ryan Murray, and Murray was the victor once more. The worst average of the week thus far from Mark, just shy of 74, and 16% on his Doubles meant 40% on the Outer Ring from Murray and an Average of 88.75 was enough to inflict defeat on The Gladiator.
Result: Mark McGeeney 1-4 Ryan Murray

But one thing about Gladiators, is that they don’t stop fighting, and that spirit helped Mark to recover from the opener with a second win in as many days against Rob Collins. Whilst not as vintage a performance as it was on Monday to beat Collins, a game where both players missed numerous chances on the Outer Ring ended up wielding two points for Mark. Collins averaged 90 exactly and hit a 124 Checkout, but Mark held out for his first win of Tuesday.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-2 Rob Collins

As seemed to be the trend for the Third Match of each day, it was Dunvegan Derby time as Mark and Greg did battle once more, and it was Greg who once again came out victorious. It was a much tighter affair than the Monday, however, with less than a point between the Averages, which were both 89, and Mark’s first Ton Plus Checkout of the week, in the form of a 118, but 66% from Greg on the Doubles was enough to edge one of Mark’s tightest battles of the Week.
Result: Mark McGeeney 3-4 Greg Ritchie

It was a sharp decline from Mark to follow that one, as his Average dropped 15 points in the next game, which ended in defeat to Peter Jacques. This Average drop comes, mind, in a match where Mark smashed home Two Maximums, which will definitely go down as the highlight of the affair. 1/4 on the Outer Ring showed the limited opportunities he had to put Jacques under meaningful pressure.
Result: Mark McGeeney 1-4 Peter Jacques

The Final Match of the Day was a third straight loss for Mark, against Table Topper Daniel Klose. 4 180s were hit in the match between the pair (One came courtesy of Mark’s skilled hand), Mark brought up his average to just shy of 85 and got his Doubling up to 50% (3/6), but Klose was clear at the top because of winning games where his opponent gave him little room for error, and condemned Mark to his second One Leg Defeat of the Day.
Result: Mark McGeeney 3-4 Daniel Klose

After Tuesday, Getting straight through to Finals Night as Group A winner was mathematically beyond Mark, so he was looking to make up the Four Point Gap to Ryan Murray in 3rd to make it to Group B, but with the comfort of knowing Group C awaited if he couldn’t crack the Top 3.

Mark had clearly found immense joy in beating Rob Collins over the last two days, and decided to start his push to Group B Qualification with another win against Collins. One 180 a piece between the two players, both Averaging between 84 and 85, with Rob slightly higher. 4/6 on the Outer Ring showed the clinical edge Mark was beginning to find. A perfect start to an important day.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-2 Rob Collins

Well…You know how I mentioned that Daniel Klose had run away with Group A and was on the verge of breaking records in the process? Mark decided he’d had enough and decided to leave the German with just his second defeat in twelve matches. Averaging over 92.5, bruising the board with 2 180s, 50% on the Doubles and a Ton Finish? Even the runaway leader didn’t have a response to the Gladiator’s attacks. Arguably his best performance up to this point for the all round statistics and the result itself.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-3 Daniel Klose

However, things didn’t quite follow the positive path of the previous two matches in what would be the final Dunvegan Derby of the Week. Mark lost 18 points on his average, whilst Greg…Well, you’ll have to read the report of his matches, but rest assured it was well into Three Figures. Mark only had a single dart at Double, and had a real off game after a superb showing against Daniel prior to this one.
Result: Mark McGeeney 0-4 Greg Ritchie

Mark’s Average dropped another couple of points in the next game, and whilst he was able to get a Leg on the board this time around, it was just that one solitary Leg as he lost to Peter Jacques. 1/3 on the Doubles taking out 22, in an unremarkable affair, remembered more for Mark not hitting his best rather than a dazzling performance from his opponent, which is always the more preferable way to lose.
Result: Mark McGeeney 1-4 Peter Jacques

And Mark’s time in Group A finished with another defeat to the same scoreline as just before, at the hands of Ryan Murray, who beat him in all three meetings between the pair during the Week. Mark upped his Average a few points but couldn’t get it out of the 70s, mustering a 180 during the match, and 1/4 on the Doubles, but 4/6 was enough to get Murray the win to end Group A for Mark.
Result: Mark McGeeney 1-4 Ryan Murray

The day tailed off majorly after two wins to start it, with Mark finishing bottom of Group A on 10 Points from the three days with a Leg Difference of -14. However, the luxury of Group A is, whatever happens, you won’t be short of action, as Mark moved to Group C to continue his conquest towards Super Series Stardom.

Group C comprised of two players who’d battled with Mark in Group A, Peter Jacques and Ryan Murray, as well as three new faces, in Jordan Brooks, 3 times BDO World Champion Martin Adams, and Janis Mustafejevs. First up in Group C was the first of those names, as Mark took on Peter Jacques. Jacques had been progressively improving over the time in Group A, and administered Mark a defeat to start the Group. Mark hit a 180 and nailed both Doubles that he had a shot at, but his 100% record on doubles didn’t extend far enough to win, with Jacques hitting 80% of his off more efforts. Doubling delights but not quite enough for Mark here.
Result: Mark McGeeney 2-4 Peter Jacques

Next up was arguably the most unknown factor in the Group in Janis Mustafejevs, but Mark had little issue dispatching him. With Janis averaging shy of 65, Mark never really had to emerge from first gear, upping his average a few points from the last game, and converting 4/9 on the Outer Ring, to complete another ‘Bagel’ as the commentary team enjoys referring to it to get his first win and bring his Leg difference back into the positive.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-0 Janis Mustafajevs

After dishing out a whitewash, the old adage of ‘What goes around comes around’ reared its head as Martin Adams delivered a nilling to Mark. Mark didn’t get going, averaging shy of 70 and not getting a dart at double throughout the entire match. Arguably Mark’s worst match of the Week, but it would be all about trying to find the quick response.
Result: Mark McGeeney 0-4 Martin Adams

Up next was Ryan Murray, who by this point had become Mark’s personal Bogeyman. And, following the trend, Murray made it two defeats in three for Mark. Mark actually averaged more than Ryan in the match, but 2/13 on the Doubles meant that the advantage in that department was negated and Murray took his chances to seal the two competition points.
Result: Mark McGeeney 2-4 Ryan Murray

Mark did, however, end the day with a win. There was a little bit of needle, however, in the Third Leg of the match against Jordan Brooks, when Mark turned around and gestured to Jordan after throwing his first darts, seemingly indicating his displeasure at something Brooks was doing during the time Mark was throwing. The referee didn’t intervene, just checking the situation from his spot next to the board after Mark had completed his throw before moving on. Mark, as mentioned, did take the Competition points, averaging under 80 in a match in which neither player launched a major Assault on the Outer Ring. Both did land a 180 though, but Mark got the win, including a 100 Checkout in the process.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-3 Jordan Brooks

Two wins and three defeats to start Group C had Mark 5th from 6 at the end of play, with 4 Points and a Leg Difference of -3. Once again positive signs to take in to the deciding day, which would decide if Mark would be appearing at Finals Night on Saturday.

You know how they say start as you mean to go on? Well, Friday started as Thursday ended, with a narrow victory over Jordan Brooks. No signs of Needle here, as both men upped their averages, and despite Jordan having a better percentage on the Outer Ring, Mark had more chances and made use of a crucial fourth to take the win to start the day.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-3 Jordan Brooks

And it was Ryan Murray time. Would it be Five in Five for Ryan? No, actually, it wouldn’t! Mark responded and in some style, putting a point on his average from his victory over Jordan, and took out a 112 via Single 5-Treble 19-Bull to flex his darting muscles in victory, as the curse was finally broken and Ryan Murray was defeated by The Gladiator.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-1 Ryan Murray

Mark then suffered a big setback in his aims of reaching Finals Night, losing to Martin Adams once more. Mark’s average dropped by about 10 Points and Wolfie latched onto this to take the match, with the help of 2 180s. Mark was 50% on the doubles but as was too often the case, the scoring didn’t give him the opportunities to showcase his quality doubling.
Result: Mark McGeeney 2-4 Martin Adams

Taking on Janis Mustafajevs again, it was another victory and another match against the Latvian in which Mark never really had to get out of first gear. Averaging just under 80, he was 4/11 on his Doubles and Janis, to his credit, bettered his result against Mark yesterday by avoiding the Whitewash and picking up a Leg with one of his Three Darts at Double. Nonetheless, Mark got the result ahead of his final Group C match.
Result: Mark McGeeney 4-1 Janis Mustafajevs

The Week ended for Mark with defeat to the man he scored his first victory against all the way back on Monday in Peter Jacques. Adams and Jacques, who Mark lost to on the Friday, turned out to be the top two who made it to Finals Night, so at least Mark can take solace in the fact the two players he lost to on the Final Day made it through. Mark ended the Campaign with an average of just under 75, and 3/9 on the Doubles, with a high Checkout of 72, but Peter, who hit a high Checkout of 133, was too much for Mark as he lost to depart the Super Series this time round.
Result: Mark McGeeney 3-4 Peter Jacques

Mark ended Group C with a Mirrored Table – Winning 5 and Losing 5, with a positive Leg difference of +1.

Overall, a promising if inconsistent week. Some real glimpses of quality in all areas of Mark’s game, but with the caveat of it needing to be more to the forefront if he wants to find the level he was at years ago. Mark’s been through a number of changes away from the oche, and, as it would with anyone, it’s changed a few things about his game, but we’re all looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the 2018 Lakeside Finalist.

Greg Ritchie

Greg started his week in the Modus Super Series against Peter Jacques, and started the Week with defeat. Despite cracking home his Maiden 180 of the Competition, and going 50% on his Doubles, he faced an opponent who hit 80% on the Outer Ring with more opportunities, and 160 out for Jacques to boot. A tough start for Greg that ended with a hard fought loss.
Result: Greg Ritchie 2-4 Peter Jacques

Up next for Greg was the test of Ryan Murray, who, as those who’ve read Mark’s reports already know, was a bit of a Bogeyman for The Gladiator. His assault on the Dunvegan Dynamos continued against Greg, as he edged the affair to leave Greg with his second defeat in as many matches. The lone 180 of this one went against Greg this time, and a couple of points between the, in the Averages was mainly down to Doubles, as, although Ryan had a 154 Out during the match, he had 10 more Darts at Double, but crucially found one more good dart amongst them all to win the match.
Result: Greg Ritchie 3-4 Ryan Murray

Game Three for Greg, was, like Mark, the Inaugral Dunvegan Derby of the Week, and it was where Greg got his first win of the Campaign. With Greg averaging just above 80, Mark just below, it was a game that would go to whoever Doubled better (as I write I realise how obvious that is), but in Three more opportunities at Double, Greg took Two more legs, and subsequently the match to get his first two competition points.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-2 Mark McGeeney

The penultimate match of Day 1 saw Greg take on the Group A trailblazer in Daniel Klose. Despite Greg averaging 7 points more, and above 90 in fact, and having a higher percentage on the Outer Ring, AND a 116 Out…He lost. Klose hit the only 180 of the match and, with Nine more darts at Double, finished just one more to hand a frustrating defeat to Greg.
Result: Greg Ritchie 3-4 Daniel Klose

The day ended on a positive note, though, with Greg landing a victory over Rob Collins. Very little separated them in the Averages, with both also landing Ton Plus Finishes (Greg’s a 116), but a sublime 4/5 on the Outer Ring was more than enough to secure Greg’s heaviest win of the Day.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-1 Rob Collins

A Mixed first day, with Finishing definitely the highlight, with some biggies taken out. At the end of play he sat Third, level on points with Mark and Rob Collins, but as the only one of three with a Positive Leg Differrence.

Tuesday started with a rematch of the tie that ended the previous days action, as Greg took on Rob Collins. Like the prior day, very little separated them in the Average column, and a repeat of the 180 Counter with Rob nabbing the solitary one of the match, but luckily a repeat of the finishing masterclass to start the day with victory. 4/6 instead of 4/5, but it’s hardly an earth shattering drop, is it? A 127 checkout was also included, but the important thing was a win to start the day.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-3 Rob Collins

Daniel Klose majorly upped his game, as they all but reversed the Averages from the previous day. Greg thrashed home 2 Maximums to Daniel’s 1, was limited to Three Darts at Double and couldn’t take any of them, as the League Leader took the match to nil.
Result: Greg Ritchie 0-4 Daniel Klose

Game Three? Dunvegan Derby Mate! (Inbetweeners reference…No? Fair Enough, I’ll stop). And Greg kept up his winning record against Monsieur McGeeney. Less than a point between them on the Averages as they both sat just under 90, with Greg hitting the solitary Max of the affair, and finding the win courtesy of more sublime finishing, going 4/6 AGAIN and hitting a High Out of 96 as he narrowly took the W.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-3 Mark McGeeney

It was then the tie against Ryan Murray, but with Ryan failing to reach 78 in the Averages, and Greg hitting 2 180s, it was a game when he didn’t need to get out of first gear to win. That didn’t stop him, mind, winning the match on Double 6 off of a 126. Not his best overall but a win and a Champagne Finish (despite it not happening in the Champagne region of France) meant it did more than nicely.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-1 Ryan Murray

And it was Three in a Row to end the day for Greg as he reversed the Scoreline from his Campaign opener in defeating Peter Jacques. A staggering 5 180s between the pair (3 Courtesy of Greg) didn’t tell the full tale, as Peter went 2/22 on the Outer Ring, and Greg an unremarkable but victorious 4/14 to end the day with victory.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-2 Peter Jacques

Greg was 2nd going into the deciding day for the rest of the Week, with Daniel Klose looking ‘dan near’ (are these landing?) unassailable, it would require a near perfect day to go straight through to Finals Night, but qualification for Group B was a Minimum aim for the Wednesday.

Back to the same fixture list as Day One, it was Peter Jacques up first. With Peter coming out the blocks Averaging 95, Greg would require his A game to get the win. Sadly, he didn’t quite reach that level, and, despite not being far off and pushing Jacques all the way, a rate of 4/5 on the Outer Ring from his opponent meant it was too much of a mountain to climb to start the day, and it was a narrow loss.
Result: Greg Ritchie 3-4 Peter Jacques

Next up was Ryan Murray, and Murray’s winning record over the Dunvegan Clan was extended. Greg Averaged just shy of 90, and Ryan marginally above 92, with both going 50% on the Doubles, but it was 2/4 from Greg and 4/8 for Ryan, and the more opportunities meant that Ryan was able to take the W, with a single 180 to boot.
Result: Greg Ritchie 2-4 Ryan Murray

If you’ve recognised the trend, you’ll know our Third (and final) Dunvegan Derby was the Third match of the Third day. If you’ve read Mark’s report, you’ll be on Tenterhooks as to what Greg averaged. If this is your first time perusing the news of this match, Mark averaged a less than stellar 74, but Greg found a gear so good that Classic Car Enthusiats from all realms wanted to buy it. Are you ready? 4/5 on Doubles, 1 180, and…An Average of 107.36. Little else needs to be said really. What a performance to get himself back on track.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-0 Mark McGeeney

After dishing out a Whitewash, Greg received one in the form of Daniel Klose. Greg’s Average dropped to the midway point of the 80s, and with Daniel approaching 92.5, Quality Doubling was required, and that deserted Greg here as he went 0/8 on the Outer Ring, and that’s despite landing 2 180s in the process. One more game to go before the table was finalised in Group C.
Result: Greg Ritchie 0-4 Daniel Klose

The Final Match of the Day ended in defeat, with Greg and his opponent Rob Collins at completely different ends of the Darting spectrum in this one. Greg fell well below his usual standard, averaging shy of 74, and Rob just shy of 100. Greg’s Doubling was 1/7, Rob’s 4/6, with the latter hitting a 100 Out to end Greg’s Group C with defeat.
Result: Greg Ritchie 1-4 Rob Collins

By virtue of a better Leg difference (+2 better) than Ryan Murray, Greg made it through by the skin of his teeth to Group B after One win out of Five on Wednesday. Could Thursday wield more success? Let’s find out…

First up in Group B and the pool of new opponents was Stephen Burton. Despite averaging a few points lower than his opponent, a 100% record on the Doubles and a singular 180 was enough to guide Greg to a win in his Group B Opener.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-2 Stephen Burton

Next up was another new opponent in Ryan Palmer, and Greg brought his Average up by 5 Points to above 90, which was complimented by 2 180s. Another superb display on the Outer Ring, going 4/5, including a whopping 160 Out, to take victory. That meant, in his first two matches, Greg went 8/9 on the Outer Ring. Hardly a bad return as he kept up his 100% winning streak in Group B.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-3 Ryan Palmer

Next up was the only familiar opponent from the Week in Rob Collins, in the penultimate game of Group B, which clocks in a player smaller than Groups A and C. It was 2 180s a piece for the Group A Graduates, with the quality Doubling of the previous two matches rather deserting the pair here. That said, the winner went 25% on their Doubles, with that winner being the Man from Musselburgh in Greg (any other notable names from Musselburgh I wonder…)
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-3 Rob Collins

The Final game of Friday took place between Greg and a Scottish Stalwart in World Seniors Champion Robert Thornton. The Thorn played well below his best, only just Averaging above the 77 mark, and another affair of wasted Doubles meant it would always be a tight one, and, courtesy of a marvellous 122 along the way, Greg took the match.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-3 Robert Thornton

Despite having two games of real quality and two of slightly less but still good, Greg ended Group B after Day 1 with an 100% record. The rest of the table satisfyingly went down in multiples of two, with Greg the man to beat going into the race for Finals Night.

The day started with The Thorn as the first challenge in Greg’s way. Greg Averaged just over 80, and despite Thornton not offering a huge amount more in that column, his Doubling was streets above Greg’s in this one as he looked to settle into the day. A loss to start but nothing more than a slow start for Greg.
Result: Greg Ritchie 1-4 Robert Thornton

The story of Greg’s Week has been his ability to Double like it’s going out of fashion, and that’s what got him the W here. A 124 his highest, but the key was the 4/5 he was able to pull out on Outer Ring, finding once more that signature touch. Credit to Rob Collins though, slammed home just the 3 180s of the course of the match, but Greg did enough for the Two Compeition points.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-3 Rob Collins

Up next for Greg was Ryan Palmer, whose chances were already in tatters of making it to Finals Night. Despite averaging just shy of 90, and hitting both of his attempts at Double, a 132 from Palmer and more opportunities on the Outer Ring for Greg’s opponent meant that it was a second defeat of the day.
Result: Greg Ritchie 2-4 Ryan palmer

It was a flurry to finish the Group for Greg, in a victory over Stephen Burton. It was a high quality affair, both averaging over 90 and both landing a Max, but Greg was ahead in nearly all of the key categories to end the day with a win.
Result: Greg Ritchie 4-1 Stephen Burton

And, with that it was through to Finals Night! And with the added bonus of the highest Checkout rate of all the remaining players (over 40%), could Greg book his place in Champions Week?

First up was the always tough test of 3x BDO World Champion Martin Adams. Neither player was particularly on the races on the Outer Ring, and the 3 Time World Champion produced 3 180s as he used his near unrivalled experience to edge the tie and leave Greg’s chances of further participation in the semi finals hanging by a thread.
Result: Greg Ritchie 1-4 Martin Adams

So, it was basically a situation of defeat Daniel Klose and hope. Well it would have been had he achieved the first part of that, but it wasn’t meant to be as Greg’s Super Series adventure came to an end. Despite the only 180 of the match going in his name, Daniel Klose averaging over 90 restricted Greg to just Three Darts at Double, of which he couldn’t convert any. It ended with the bagel, but it was at least a Salmon Bagel with Chilli Cream Cheese – It was the bagel but a styled bagel…I’m confusing myself now frankly.
Result: Greg Ritchie 0-4 Daniel Klose.

That was the end of the journey for the Week. The Doubling at times made it feel like he could a hit a fly off someone’s nose and still not harm them. The frankly ridiculous 107 Average against Mark as well can’t and WON’T be forgotten. A great effort from Greg and plenty to take moving forward.

Ryan Segal @theryansegal