Greg Ritchie

Greg Ritchie


PDC Ranking as 1st April 2020 – Challenge Tour

Darts Used:  23g

Walk on Music: ♫ Safri Duo- Played-A-Live

Place of Birth: Edinburgh

Hometown: Musselburgh

Date of Birth: 28/01/1995

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9 Darter

(Just for fun)

Q1. Favourite Venue? – The Winter Gardens in Blackpool

Q2. Favourite Tournament? – The World Championships

Q3. Favourite Double? – 20

Q4. Sporting Hero? – Gary Anderson, Scott Brown, Ronnie O’Sullivan

Q5. Favourite darting memory (not inc yourself)? – Jamie Harvey 18-16 Roland Scholten 2004 World Matchplay

Q6. Best advice given? – Don’t be yourself !

Q7. Where would you like to go that you haven’t been? –  Iceland

Q8. Tea or coffee? I love both

Q9. Summer or winter? – Summer. That 1 day a year in Scotland…


Greg Ritchie