Clemens claims victory against Hunt in ET13

The Final European Tour Event of the year was finally upon us, for the Final ET event to be held in Gibraltar. The Hunter needed a good run to secure a place in Dortmund, but could he do it?

The first leg started with one treble visits for both players, a ton for Gabriel and 97 for Adam. Gabriel followed this with his first 180. Adam followed without a Treble, before hitting a 140 to leave 147 to apply a level of pressure. Gabriel’s doubling deserted him, allowing further pressure to leave 16 off of the 147, and more missed darts at Double meant Adam had the chance to break, and he did with his First Dart. 1-0.

Leg Two saw Adam hit his first Maximum, but to leave himself a bogey number of 159. From there, he was only able to leave 127, and Clemens returned to Double 18, which caused him so many problems in the First Leg, to nail it first time and level with a second consecutive break in the match. 1-1.

Leg Three saw Gabriel get ahead and maintain the lead with his superior scoring power comfortably, going for the Bull off of 130, despite Adam being well off reaching a finish. He subsequently recovered to go Single 1-Double 12 in two darts to hold throw and secure the first hold of throw in the tie. 1-2.

The Fourth Leg saw Gabriel really flex his scoring muscles, hitting Two 180s to leave himself on 41 after Nine. Adam did his best to keep up but couldn’t put any substantial pressure on the German Giant, and Clemens devoured the 41 in Two Darts to make it Three Legs on the spin and a second break of the Hunt throw. 1-3.

Leg Five saw Adam leave himself on the dreaded 159 for a second time as he tried to force his way down towards the finishing areas. This meant that Clemens had time to clean up the mess that he made of 71 to nail Double 16 and open the Three Leg gap. 1-4.

The Sixth Leg re-enforced the pattern that was being carved out, with Adan spending the leg chasing Gabriel, who, simply put, was outscoring him. That said, Gabriel hitting only a ton off of 156 meant Adam had a peak at his 105, but was unable to forge a dart at Double, as Clemens cleaned up the 56 in Two to go within a leg of the match after making it Five in a Row. 1-5.

The Seventh Leg saw Adam find a bit of much needed momentum, as he scored better than in previous legs. He was at 79 after 12 Darts, and subsequently hit Single 19-Single 20-Double 20 to end the five leg losing streak and claw his way back into the match. 2-5.

The Eighth leg would end up being the last. Adam again had a chance to check out in double figures, but after a Single 19 left 56 from 85, hitting a Single 8 instead of a Single 16, stopping him from getting a dart at Tops, which he took out as part of a combination in the last leg. With both players on Tops at Gabriel getting first shot, the German dispatched it to take the tie. 2-6.

Result: Adam Hunt 2-6 Gabriel Clemens

A spirited performance by the Hunter in Gibraltar, but Clemens’ overall clinicalness on the Outer Ring, as well as overall scoring advantages meant Adam would have to find near his nest, but couldn’t quite muster it, thus ending the chance of a second consecutive appearance at the European Championships. Onto the upcoming Players Championship Events for The Hunter.

Ryan Segal @theryansegal