Mighty Quinn

PDC Ranking as 4th March 2019: Challenge Tour 2019

Darts Used: 22g  Jocky Wilson ghost

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Walk on Music: ♫ Mighty Quinn, Manfred Man

Place of Birth: Stirling

Hometown: Elgin

Date of Birth: 30/04/1978

Falkirk born Craig Quinn is currently competing in the PDC Challenge Tour. Now living in Elgin with his wife and daughter, Craig reached the last 32 in the most recent events.

He has had a bad start to 2019 with a serious back injury which caused him to withdraw from early Challenge tour events. His treatment whist ongoing has allowed him to keep playing and he is looking forward to the future CT events and 2020 Q school.

Previously Craig has won the Channel Islands Open and reached the quarter final of the Jersey Classic.

9 Darter

(Just for fun)

 Q1. Favourite Venue? – Winter Gardens – not that I’ve been yet, but I’ll be there soon

Q2. Favourite Double? – Tops

Q3. Favourite Player? – Gary Anderson

Q4. Favourite Music? – Hit Musicals

Q5. Favourite darting memory (not inc yourself)? – Gary Anderson 1st World Title

Q6. What would you be if you weren’t a player? – Model (modelling gloves and wellies)

Q7. Best advice you were given? –  never eat yellow snow or moving rice

Q8. Salt or Sauce? Sauce- brown gold star chippy sauce. A delight on haggis too

Q9. What player do you spend most time with on tour? – Anybody that will talk to me or laugh at my jokes